Art work

Avokadofåglar / Avocado Birds / طيور الأفوكادو

Avocado Birds (pt.1) -

DMZ / Post-Postal Service (pt.2) -

My Grandfather's Dog Finger

Lyckogetens Bok / The Book of The Goat of Joy

The Fire Horse Woman : Arabesque

Tårarnasdal / Vale of Tears

Tiger (Series)

- My Grandfather's Dog Finger

- Dine with Tigers

- Pärleporten / The gate to Heaven

- En Tiger i Mina Drömmars Stad / A Tiger in the City of my Dreams

The Bi-Polar Bear From Sweden (Glitterlickin)


Text work

Att gå längst med Torneälv och samla på bortglömda andetag / To walk alongside Torne river and gather forgotten breaths

Sorgens Separatism / The Separatism of Grief

Min Morfars Hund Finger / My Grandfather's Dog Finger

- Nice

- Grekiska Siffor / Greek Numbers

- Om Måleriet / About Painting

- Bara En Tiger / Only A Tiger

- Till Alla Hundar / To All Dogs

Canon i D / Canon in D (Vale of Tears)

Lectures / Workshops

Neo-fittorna / The Neo Pussies


Pin-hole Cameras


Dagens Arena / Daily Arena (2018)

QX (2018)

QX (2018)

Metro Stockholm (2016)

Other Texts

Per-review: Maria Hilmersson Landgren


Om Artist Statements / About Artist Statements

Ett Gammalt Manifest / An Old Manifesto


Ronneby Konsthall [group](2019)


Khimaira (Lethe) [solo](2018)


The Hangmen Projects [group](2018)

Centrum för Fotografi / Center For Photography

- (2018)[group]

- (2018)[group]

Konstfack Vårutställning / Spring Exhibition


Gallery Snerk [solo](2018)

Konstfack Soloutställning / Solo-exhibition


Umeå Folketshus / Umeå Pride [solo](2017)


Tjejer Som Oss / Girls Like US (SVT) (2016)