The Avocado Bird Project

Fictionality and occultism in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict

Part3: DMZ Post-Postal Service

Part2: Avocado Birds

Part1: Dandelions of Empathy

The project takes it's name from Emily Nasrallah's (1931-2018) book September Birds / Tuyur Aylul from 1962. The project works with three kinds of writing; letters (epistels as well as private letters, inspired by arabic rasa'il), artistic essay (inspired by arabic khatera) and poetry (prose poem and free vers).

References and inspirations:

Kahlil Gibran. The Profet

Nazik al-Mala'ikah. Who am I?

Abu al-Qasim al-Shabbi. Life's Will

Nizar Qabbani. Bread, Hash and Moon

Mahmoud Darwish. A Soldier Dreams of White Lilies

DMZ Post-Postal Service 2019
93 pages, 13 letters. Posted from Jerusalem, the Gaza strip and the Golan heights [Syria]; in/at the border of several demilitarized zones. Searching for the relationships between the act of writing and sending letters with concepts of giving.

Material: Letters [35x28x1cm x 93pcs], artist writings, socially engaged, drawings, ink, birch wood, plexi, polyester thread.

Made in: Blekinge (SE), Stockholm (SE), Ramallah (PS), Jerusalem (PS/IL), Gaza Strip (PS), Golan Heights (SY) Exhibited: Ronneby, Blekinge (SE)

Avocado Birds 2018

Looking in to the occultist culture at the shore of the dead sea at the border between Palestina and Israel; through a fictional bird native to the dead sea area of Palestine.

Material: Analogue large format photos printed on silk-charmeuse [180x140cm]. Poems engraved on glass [20x15cm]. Embroidered keffiyehs (colab. with Yosef Sbeih, Tamara and Hamido Shatara).

Made in: Stockholm (SE), Dead Sea (PS), Ramallah (PS)

Together with: The Keffiyehs are a colab. with Yosef Sbeih, Tamara- and Hamido Shatara

Exhibtied: Stockholm (SE), Tromso (NO)

Dandelions of Empathy 2017

Remembering childhood memories of the de-militarized Islands of Åland in the Baltic sea in the light of the calm atmosphere on Fridays in Ramallah.


Material: Artist book, artist text, poem, public reading

Made in: Ramallah (PS)

Exhibited/Performed: Ramallah (PS), Paris (FR)

© Xenia O. Kecharitomene Keskikangas Klein
Torhamn / Stockholm (SE) 2020