A series of projects dealing with the existential wounds from when houses are left empty and abandoned; and the pity felt once they are seen.

Gather Forgotten Breaths 2018

An essay and several poems on de-urbanization and exploitation of the Torne Valley.

Material: Book, artist text, lyrical essay, poems

Made in: Stockholm (SE), Tornedalen (SE), Frieslang (NL), Blekinge (SE)

Exhibited/Published: Stockholm (SE)


A-Politics 2017

Looking closer to the abandoned houses of Ramallah, discussing reasons behind and aspects of their abandonedness.

Collaboration with: Suchart Wannaset

Material: Artistic intervention, artistic writing

Made in: Ramallah (PS)

Exhibitied: Ramallah (PS)


Nothing 2017

A visit to the empty post-terminal of Stockholm, sort of a research into urban emptinesses.

Material: sound (approx. 54min), socially engaged, artistic study visit

Made in: Stockholm (SE)

Exhibitied: Stockholm (SE)


[Approaching Aspects of Abandoned Houses]


#3: Gather Forgotten Breaths

#2: A-Politics

#1: Nothing