[use with caution]
feel and believe

Xenia O. Keskikangas Klein

Some of us believes everything is important, some of us are horders. We do collect every post-it we write and receive, we have a lovely collection covering 13 years of our lives (so far), we have a collection of estrogen aluminum equal 8 years of use, and we do collect estrogen skies... we have a small collection (so if you would like to contribute, please contact us). This is an archival practice, witch is a neutotic difficulty to deattatch from the time or an inability to accept the gravity of the passings of time. 

We do believe that the truth is perfect in it's flaws (wabisabi?) Some of us wants to show everything, what we made, what we painted as children, as young. But some of us want's to be professional, only show the well put together – be a PROFESSIONAL ARTIST – be CONTEMPORARY and speak about references one don't know about as if you know about them, such as object oriented ontology. That's not us!
Let's created an archive of the mediocre artists trajectory.

Archive of a mediocre artist's trajectory:

under construction, we're thinking