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The Avocado Bird project's name is inspired by Emily Nasrallah's (1931-2018) book September Birds / Tuyur Aylul from 1962. Through different mediums, materials and writing techniques the project pivots on Palestine's international relationships.

The project use three kinds of writing; letters (epistels as well as other forms of letters, inspired by arabic rasa'il), artistic essay and flash prose (inspired by arabic khatera) and poetry (prose poem and free vers).

References and inspirations:

Kahlil Gibran. The Profet

Nazik al-Mala'ikah. Who am I?

Abu al-Qasim al-Shabbi. Life's Will

Nizar Qabbani. Bread, Hash and Moon

Mahmoud Darwish. A Soldier Dreams of White Lilies


DMZ Post-Postal Service 2019

Consists of 93 pages in 13 letters; posted from Jerusalem, the Gaza strip and the Golan heights [Syria], in/at the border of demilitarized zones.

The art work tries to understand the connections and relationships between acts of writing and sending letters with concepts of giving.

Material: Letters [35x28x1cm x 93pcs], artistic writings, relational, drawings, ink, birch wood, plexi, polyester thread.

Made in: Blekinge (SE), Stockholm (SE), Ramallah (PS), Jerusalem (PS/IL), Gaza Strip (PS), Golan Heights (SY)

Exhibited: Ronneby, Blekinge (SE)


Avocado Birds 2018

Through a fictional bird native to the Dead sea area of Palestine, the art work reviews the occultist culture of the shore of the Dead sea at the border between Palestina and Israel.

Collaboration with: The Keffiyehs are a colab. with Yosef Sbeih, Tamara- and Hamido Shatara

Material: Analogue large format photos printed on silk-charmeuse [180x140cm]. Poems engraved on glass [20x15cm]. Embroidered keffiyehs.

Made in: Stockholm (SE), Dead Sea (PS), Ramallah (PS)

Exhibitied: Stockholm (SE), Tromsø (NO)


Dandelions of Empathy 2017

In the mist of silent and calm Fridays in Ramallah; the protagonist of the poem remembers scenes from their childhood on the de-militarized islands of Åland in the Baltic sea.

Material: Artist book, artist text, poem, public reading.

Made in: Ramallah (PS)

Exhibited/Performed: Ramallah (PS), Paris (FR)

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