An independent research project around grief and loss. Looking at sorrows connected to longing for love and loneliness; nostalgia and the passing of time; unspecified grief and existential crises.

The Book of the Goat of Joy 2018

A fictional goat's reflection on love, emptiness and loneliness.

Material: Artist book [approx. 20x20x3cm]. Photopolymer cmyk (4 col.) print in oil colour of an analogue large format photograph. Birch wood, acrylic glass, polyester thread. The binding technique is inspired by secret Belgian binding. Poems.

Made in: Stockholm (SE)

Exhibited: Stockholm (SE)

The Fire Horse Woman : Arabesque 2018

Diving into the year of 1966 in Japan. Through examining the remains of a movie poster from the movie Arabesque, the flight crash at Mt.Fuji and the demographics of that year.

Material: Digital full frame photography, printed on fine art paper [approx. 92x92cm]. Prose poem, archival photos and demographics.

Made in: Stockholm (SE), Tokyo (JP)

Exhibitied: Stockholm (SE)

Separatism through Grief 2017

Fictional artistic thesis at Konstfack University of Arts, Craft and Design in Stockholm. About Zarah and the Royal Library in Stockholm.

Material: Artistic essay, artistic academic thesis

Made in: Stockholm (SE)

Published/Presented: Stockholm (SE), Online @ DiVA (SE)


[Processing Materialities in expressions of Grief and presences of Loss]


#3: The Book of the Goat of Joy

#2: The Fire Horse Woman : Arabesque

#1: Separatism through Grief