An ongoing series of projects, now spaning over a period of more than 5 years, exploring different aspects of guestfriendlyness (hospitality / the greek law of Xenia). Searching for common inter-relational grounds through bodies and/or faith.

Waves from Great Hammer 2020

About the archipelago village of Great Hammer in the eastern archipelago of Blekinge and the poet Lars G. Person.

Material: Podcast documentary, conversation art, cyanotype

Music by: Johan Stohne

Made in: Stockholm (SE), Stora Hammar (SE)

Exhibited: Online - Konst i Blekinge Podden (SE)

Artist in Retreat 2019

A micro-artist in residency programe exploring; local and regional histories of Blekinge, guestfriendlyness and potato farming, with contemporary and upcoming artistic practices.

Material: Digital full frame photography, printed on fine art paper [approx. 92x92cm]. Prose poem, archival photos and demographics.

Made in: Stockholm (SE), Tokyo (JP)

Exhibitied: Stockholm (SE)


The Neo-Pussy Lectures 2016 + 2017

About neo-pussies; cultures, philosophies, mentalities, vaginoplasties + SRS and other aspects of a vaginal life.

Material: Lectures

Made in: Stockholm (SE), Umeå (SE), Gothenburg (SE)

Exhibitied: Linköping (SE), Gothenburg (SE), Umeå (SE)

The Bi-Polar Bear from Sweden 2015

About the bipolar polar bear from Sweden. I'm Bi, I'm Bear; a pole dancing, bipolar polar bear. Bi-polar - south and north.

Material: Performance, Environmental Queer Drag

Made in: Gothenburg (SE), Malmö (SE), Stockholm (SE)

Published/Presented: Paris (FR), Copenhagen (DK), London (UK), Bucharest (RO)

On Guestfriendlyness

[Entering into processes that put bodies and/or artists foremost]


#4: Waves from Great Hammer

#3: Artist in Retreat

#2: The Neo-Pussy Lectures

#1: The Bi-polar Bear