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The Tiger series pivots on a Tiger made of plaster and the reasons behind it's beheading.

In 2015 I was walking in the district of Södermalm in Stockholm, on the pavement I found a tiger head in plaster. I thought it was somewhat funny so I kept it. One year later, in 2016, in the district of Kungsholmen, I was walking up a staircase outdoors (since the city is quite hilly). On the top of the staircase I found a tiger body in plaster, broken into several pieces. I thought it was quite funny, and was reminded of the Tiger head that had partnered with me since a year, so I kept it. Well at home, to my delight and not at least surprise, I saw that the body matched the tiger head. Obviously, I had stumbled upon some nasty murder mystery and hence I got a little anxious. 

I became obsessed with this Tiger made of plaster; I wanted to know everything about it. I stalked it's every detail, I meditated upon it for months, and sometimes I think I even might have worshiped it. I started to see aspects of the whole reality, answers to ancient questions, in the plaster of the Tiger.

The first time I felt worried was in 2017; of some reason (I don't know) I ended up at a hotel in the posh district of Östermalm. I was sitting with a drink of some kind while reflecting upon the wonders of fluorescence, until my eyes fell upon the Tiger head. It was sitting on a bottle of scotisch whisky, with the neck of the bottle up the cavity of it's head. First I thought it was my tiger, then I understood that there where more heads. What I had stumbled upon was not a murder mystery it was some kind of genoicde of Tigers made of plaster - beheaded in the most awful and disrespectful ways. 

The bartenders thought I was crazy, because I rumbled about the head I had found in 2015 and the body in 2016 and now this! I was saying things like "this is a sign!" or "can't you see!", things that normally only crazy people would say. But thanks to my cute smile I persuaded them to let me borrow their Tiger head. The owner of the Tiger head, a previous bartender, had left it at the bar and suddenly disappeared, the bartenders sad they believe he is somewhere in the United States now. I sad "this is really starting to get way too big", the bartenders glanced at each other and smiled.

Grounded in this series of somewhat paranormal events and in my profound interest in these beheaded plaster tigers; I explore the three main investigative leads or, let's put it this way, three aspects of it's mysticality.

My Grandfather's Dog 2017     & 

Finger 2017

Two projects seeking to deepen the understandings of childhood fantasies through telling the story of a danish resistance movement family during the 1940’s in Copenhagen and Sorø through the eyes and destiny of the youngest son, the bombing and sabotage of Forum 1943, the rescue of the danish jews, Den Danske Brigade, et al.

My Grandfather's Dog

Material: Analogue medium format photos printed on habutai silk [145x145cm, 180x45cm]. Paintings; fluorescent acrylic [145x100cm, 60x40cm]. Sculptures, 3D-techniques (scanning, printing etc.), fluorescent pigments. Poem engraved on glass.

Made in: Stockholm (SE)

Exhibited: Stockholm (SE), Umeå (SE), Online @ Verk Tidskrift (SE)


Material: Artist booklet in A4-size.

Made in: Stockholm (SE)

Exhibtied: Stockholm (SE), Online @ Verk Tidskrift (SE)


Tea Tiger 3 2016

Re-enacting every childhood that never happened, every childhood that where lost.

Material: Dinner performance, readings, installation, sculptures, paintings, relational possibilities

Made in: Stockholm (SE)

Exhibited/Performed: Stockholm (SE)


The Pearly Gate 2016

Explores the christian religious symmetry and symbolism of the Tiger. Installing an alternative pearly gate; attentive to bodily desires and subversive towards the burdens of being a body.

Material: Poems, installation, sculpture

Made in: Stockholm (SE)

Exhibited/Performed: Stockholm (SE)

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