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A series of works thinking about and around language and communication. How would lilies write and read text based art? How would smoke and air distribute writings? And how could art history be a tool for conversation and thinking together by talking?

Lilies and Corals 2020

A bucket of lilies reading an extract from my artist novel Barbelo during a live stream at Fylkingen, Stockholm.

Material: Lyrical prose, Lilies, Sound, Video

Made in: Stockholm (SE), The Hague (NL)

Exhibited: Fylkingen, Online, Stockholm (SE)

Ephemeral Sentences 2020

A collection of poems printed on Rizzla papers, visitors can role cigaretts with free tobacco and smoke up the poems.

Material: Poems, rizzla paper, tobacco

Made in: Stockholm (SE), The Hague (NL)

Exhibited: /last sunset for today /, Stockholm (SE)

Hillfon & Eldh 2020

Two podcast documentaries about the artist Carl Eldh and the artist Hertha Hillfon; with music composed by Johan Stohne especially for the two documentaries.

Material: Podcast documentary, sound

Made together with: Johan Stohen

Made in: Stockholm (SE), Blekinge (SE)

Published/Presented: Konst i Blekinge podden, Online (SE)

Elementar 4

[The elementar particles of language / searching for the physics of communication]

#3: Lilies and Corals

#2: Ephemeral Sentences

#1: Hillfon & Eldh

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