A series of projects experimenting with moving images and spoken, read, written words and texts.


Vale of Tears 2016

Discussing the ontologies of beauty, playing with the spoken/read word and moving images.

Material: video (approx. 16 min), lyrical essay

Made in: Stockholm (SE)

Exhibited: Stockholm (SE)

Movements 2018

Experimenting with moving images and quotes; is stop-motion a more subversive form of moving images?

Collaboration with: Evelina

Material: Video (approx. 1 min), text (a collage of quotes)

Made in: Umeå (SE)

Exhibitied: Umeå (SE)


Psh-ychology 2016

What can be seen with in a twinkle? Playing on repeat a twinkle while reading psychological terms a if they where mantras.

Collaboration with: Iri

Material: video (approx. 16 min), words

Made in: Stockholm (SE)

Exhibitied: Stockholm (SE)


[Early Experiments on the Intersection Between Moving Images and Poetry]


#3: Vale of Tears


#1: Pshychology